IASTM 1 Day Course

Having run our 4h seminar for nearly 2 years now we wanted to develop the seminar to be able to give a more in depth introduction to the excellent IASTM techniques. We will be initially presenting the course throughout the UK but we will hopefully roll the course out across Europe in 2014 so check back for news on our progress. Always wanted to know what IASTM is about and how effective this technique can be? There is no better opportunity than with our 1 day course to get a thorough insight into this excellent soft tissue technique.

The course will provide you with the practical skills and underpinning knowledge to start using these excellent, and fast working soft tissue techniques and apply them in the clinic straight away.  It is not necessary to attend several day long courses to learn this excellent Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation technique, after attending this course you will confidently be able to apply the techniques to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and different regions of the body. IASTM is a not an aggressive technique but a quick and easy way to achieve better results, it does not replace your hands but can add another level to your soft tissue assessment and treatment. 

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation utilises a hand tool (made normally out of steel) to manipulate the body’s healing process, and causes neurophysiological and mechanical effects on the tissues that you treat to improve range of motion and movement quality. The course will teach you how and why to apply the treatment for maximum effect, and how you would integrate it with other manual therapy techniques and for specific conditions.
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation gives you another option for soft tissue assessment and treatment and the tools compliment your hands and can even enhance your sensation.
The course has a high practical content to make you proficient and effective with your treatment and with underpinning in the evidence supporting this approach.
On our course we will provide our Edge and Edgility tools for learning the techniques and participants on the course will be eligible for a discount on the day of the course.
Course Outline.
8.30 Registration
9.00 Introduction to IASTM
9.30 Assessment and treatment techniques
9.45 Practical: Spinal Techniques
10.45 Tea/Coffee
11.00 Practical: Spinal techniques
12.00 Practical: The Shoulder
12.45 Lunch
13.15 Principles of treatment
13.45 Integrating IASTM with other techniques
14.00 Practical: Lower Limb
15.00 Coffee/Tea
15.15 Practical: Lower Limb
16.00 Practical: Upper limb
16.45 Discussion/Questions
17.00 Finish